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Voting in School Board Elections is more than your right, it is critical to the continued success of District 214.

Remember that you, the voters, have had the greatest impact on your children’s education by supporting the district and the school board with your votes and your tax dollars. You can continue that support this April.

Learn More About Us

Find out more about Andrea Rauch, Millie Palmer, Lenny Walker, and Mark Hineman by reading their biographies and comments.

The candidates have a comprehensive platform to continue District 214’s student-focused, proven leadership:

  • Committed to a safe, realistic return to in-person learning
  • Combined 20 years of D214 Board Experience
  • Parents of 12 current + graduated D214 children
  • Continuing and enhancing our award winning academic and career education programs
  • Responsible management of the District’s finances
  • Grow successful programs like the pathways and dual credit options
  • Committed to an inclusive education for every student
  • Candidates are responsive and engaged leaders
  • Continue to support our world-class teachers and staff
  • Committed to continued partnerships with local leaders and organizations

Read about what the board has achieved, and plans to continue, by reviewing the candidates’ 14 Core Messages About D214.

How Do I Vote?

Get Registered

Vote by Mail

  • You can request a mail ballot online or by mail until April 1st, but we recommend requesting one as soon as possible to avoid mail delays.
  • The last day to mail your ballot is April 6th, but please vote earlier to ensure your ballot is postmarked in time.

Vote in Person

How Do I Help?

Host a Yard Sign

We have a number of yard signs that you can use to show your support for the Supporters of District 214 candidates. These can be especially impactful if you are in a high-traffic area.

Please get in touch with us here if you would like one!

A Supporters of District 214 yard sign

Other Help

We can use help in talking to voters, distributing literature, sharing information on social media, and more. If you’d like to help, please reach out to us here.