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Andrea Rauch

Andrea Rauch

It is with great excitement that Andrea Rauch of Arlington Heights begins her candidacy for High School District 214 Board of Education Member. Andrea is confident that D214 voters will find her demonstrated leadership, education, commitment to the community and strong family values to be a great asset to D214.

Andrea is devoted to her family. Andrea and her husband, John, live in Arlington Heights with their two sons, John and Joshua. Andrea believes that the community you choose makes a difference in how you raise your children. While attending D214 and D25 schools, their sons are very active and participate in many activities outside school including Band, athletics, and academic competitions. Andrea and her husband enjoy attending these events and supporting their children. Andrea has volunteered in different capacities throughout their activities such as keeping the score and book at AHYBA games as well as helping at band concerts. She has also run presentations about science and spectroscopy at their schools. She is active in her church and known in her community.

As a process analytical scientist, Andrea has worked for UOP in Des Plaines for nearly 20 years. She develops and supports inline applications and performs data analysis on chemical and process data. In her profession, Andrea analyzes large amounts of data to identify patterns which provide insight about the processes. She believes that this skill will help when looking at data and information that is brought to the board for review. Andrea believes communication across groups is essential to solving problems and meeting goals.

Andrea believes the future of this country is dependent upon the success of the next generation and understands this success begins with a strong community and a solid education.  This education should teach us where we came from and reveal the potential for where we can go.  Andrea credits her love of education to her supportive family and the strong educational community from which she hails. As a Member of the D214 Board of Education, Andrea will rely on her family and community values when making decisions, and will work hard to use her well-honed analytics and communication skills for the benefit of the Board and D214.

As a parent in D214, Andrea knows the district is composed of dedicated and outstanding leaders that provide nationally recognized education for all students.  Andrea looks forward to the opportunity to serve as a Board Member supporting and expanding the educational standards in D214.

Andrea Rauch

Millie Palmer

Millie Palmer

Mildred “Millie” Palmer has been honored to serve on the District 214 Board of Education for the last 4 years. Although challenging, Millie finds her work on the Board of Education personally rewarding, impactful to her community, and a source of tremendous personal satisfaction and fulfillment. Millie believes in the value of public education and is herself the product of public education from kindergarten through law school. She believes strongly that the education offered in D214 is among the best in the nation. And so, it is with great joy and commitment to service that Millie is again running for the position of High School District 214 Board of Education Member.

Now, more than ever, Millie sees the effort and commitment to high-quality public education in D214 and is committed to being part of its continued success. She has been incredibly moved by the support of the community during these trying times and understands that the work she does must be non-partisan, for the betterment of the entire community, and above all, student-focused.

Among the many accomplishments of D214, Millie takes the most pride in the work done in Redefining Ready and in the great strides made with Community and Education Partnerships. As a Member of the Board of Education, Millie has worked hard to encourage the administration and leaders of D214 to think creatively, and work to create a world-class education and a safe learning environment for the students in our care, all while maintaining a balanced budget, saving for capital projects and rainy days, and avoiding the need for referendums.

Millie believes that her work-ethic, education, and experience as a leader and volunteer has been essential to her service on the Board. When not working for the Board of Education, Millie is active in the Arlington Heights Rotary Noon Club. She has served various positions in the club over the years such as helping RMHS start an Interact Club and working on the Santa Run. In 2021, she will become the Club’s Sergeant at Arms. The “service above self” motto of Rotary inspires her everyday as she watches her fellow community leaders give of their time, treasury, and talents.

As a mother of four active and grown children, Georgianna, Julia, Grant and Jillian, the wife of Russel, the devoted doggie mom of Jack, and a local business owner, Millie feels the need to stay in touch with her community. Over the years, she has been involved in a variety of school and youth related activities in Arlington Heights such as Rolling Meadows High School Football, Orchesis and Athletic Boosters. She was the D214 Volunteer of the Year for RMHS prior to serving on the Board of Education. She previously served as the Arlington Cowboys Youth Athletics Director of Cheerleading and coached cheerleading for 14 years, a position she describes as A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

When not working for the community, Millie practices law and is the lead partner in the Estate Planning and Administration Group at Navigant Law Group. By bringing her personal commitment to service and excellence to each client, Millie helps individuals not only identify and meet their objectives, but to position themselves to surpass their future goals.

Millie has practiced law at her wholly woman owned and operated firm in Arlington Heights for over 20 years, allowing her time to be more connected to her children, their schools and their activities as the grew. By maintaining her practice in her community, Millie has been able to participate in her children’s lives and has achieved a greater connection not just to her own family, but to the people and families living within D214.

Millie is excited to continue her work on the D214 Board of Education and to continue making a difference in lives of others.

Millie Palmer

Lenny Walker

Lenny Walker

A husband and father of four, Lenny and his wife Karen moved to Wheeling in 1993 to raise their family—drawn to the area by the school districts. Their children Jessica, Emily, Leo and Olivia attended District 23 schools and Wheeling High School. The diverse classes and extracurriculars provided by D214 set the foundation for the Walker children’s continued success at university level and in their careers.

A firm believer in public education, Walker maintains that D214 holds a responsibility to all students to prepare them for their next step–whether that be a tech or trade position, a military career, or attending a college or university.

Before being elected to the D214 Board, Walker received the District’s Distinguished Service Award in 2017 for rebuilding the PTO and his fundraising efforts with Wheeling Choral League and PTO.

In this role, he took a hands-on approach to understanding D214 educators’ passion and support of student activities. His admiration for their dedication drove his work to re-establish mini-grants that provide monetary support for underfunded student groups. Lenny values the relationships he’s built with D214 educators and shows continuous support for educators’ interests in his service as a Board member.

Walker is committed to continued fiscal savviness as a D214 Board Member, avoiding referendums by maintaining D214’s long-standing balanced budget. As a direct result, the District has been able to save for capital projects and equip teachers, students and classrooms with the latest technology. This approach has served us well during the pandemic.

Walker is recognized as a leader for his active role in advancing international trade, employee development and leadership training across the floral industry. As a Board member for the Wholesale Florist and Florist Supplier Association (WFFSA), Lenny served on the education committee to provide educational opportunities for career advancement within the floral industry. Lenny is Vice President of Sales and Operations with Kennicott Brothers Company–a global floral company based in Chicago.

Above all else, Lenny is a strong advocate for inclusion, diversity, equality and acceptance. Walker maintains these four tenants as father, a Board Member and business leader.

Lenny Walker

Mark Hineman


Mark Hineman has proudly served the District 214 Board of Education since 2009. As a Board Member, Mark works diligently to keep D214 one of the most distinguished districts in the nation. In keeping with the focus of the Board of Education, D214 teachers are innovative and collaborative. As a direct result, D214 was ahead of the game as the pandemic struck. Both students and staff members were already using equipment for remote learning and were well equipped with the technology needed to weather this storm. The collaboration between D214 teachers and staff assisted significantly in the transition to remote learning. When problems arise, this team approach makes solutions possible.

Mark appreciates the broad spectrum of activities and classes that D214 provides which allow students the opportunity to discover their individual interests and passions. His three children, Blake, Sarah and Laura all benefited from their experiences in the classrooms, athletics, and fine and performing arts in D214, so much so that all three now have active careers in education.

During Mark’s time on the Board of Education, D214 successfully prioritized preparing students for life. Through expansive offerings in AP courses and college level studies, D214 students have the opportunity to excel. In D214, the Board of Education expects, and is gladdened to see, rigorous learning from its students. In a given year, D214 students earn approximately 25,000 college credits equating to a possible college tuition savings of almost $10 million. For students who are not interested in a college track, D214 currently offers 39 different industry recognized third-party certifications. Mark and the rest of the Board celebrate D214’s commitment to all students and know that D214 graduates are life and career ready.

Mark is proud that, during his time on the board, the District has prioritized responsible management and transparency of the District finances. For example, there have been no referenda in 46 years. In fact, D214 is regularly honored with for its fiscal record of excellence with various certifications for budgets and financial recognition. Mark finds it particularly rewarding that D214 proactively and effectively seeks grants and private investments for classes and building facilities. D214’s efforts with intergovernmental agreements and the Education Foundation illustrate fiscal responsibility to the community. While Mark believes that the student must come first, he recognizes the Board owes a duty to all the community to be fiscally responsible, creative and careful.

As a consulting engineer, Mark bases his opinions on facts and data. He believes that hard work, careful consideration of issues, and dedication to collaboration and innovation can overcome obstacles. Like Mark, the whole community should be proud of how resourceful and diligent maintenance has kept our seven buildings in outstanding condition.

Mark understands that D214 has many assets, including the unions. It is with great pride that Mark notes the collaborative and supportive environment of the relationships between D214 and the unions and all its stakeholders. In D214, the Board and Administration and all stakeholders work hard to respectfully come together to problem solve. While there are disagreements, the Board prides itself in supporting the staff through the teacher, custodial, and support staff unions. Backing these groups ensures that our decisions are student-centered and specific to D214.

Mark takes his enthusiasm for excellence into his personal life. He has been the treasurer for the local ASM Chapter and a mentor for their annual Materials Camp for high school juniors and seniors in the Chicago area. He currently coaches a local swim team and was recently the Meet Director for a Masters swim meet.

Through his efforts Mark believes he has positively impacted D214 and is honored to once again be running for the office of Member of the Board of Education.